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Amber Rhyne Hanel​

I love hats, and I  wear a LOT of different ones! Don't we all? I have two sweet babies, a daughter and son. I live in Auburn, Al with my husband, kids, and furbabies. 

In the past 15 years I have enjoyed working as a director, producer, actor, writer, and educator! We have lived all over the US and abroad.

And finally, I have landed the role of a lifetime as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and professional listener. We are meant to focus on different things as we pass thru different chapters of our lives. And this season is all about coaching and educating! I love people, I love affecting lives in a positive way...I guess in this season, you can call me a "Hope Broker".....yeh, that works!

Our Story

At some point last year, someone asked me 'what I do' for a living. I thought for a sec about so many of the facets I am developing in my life and blurted out...."Whatever God asks me to do!" The experiences I 've had over the past 20 years have led me to this exact point.

   We are all on this crazy adventure in life together, and after so many years of juggling the kids with sitters, working night rehearsals, and sometimes working in situations that were not ideal, I decided to format my life around the most precious thing we have: time with my family.

For me that meant understanding that each of life's chapters have different focuses and learning something new. So that I be here for them when they need me!



In A World Where You Can 
Be Anything, Be Kind
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