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Bringing Your Character to Life

So you have been cast to play the role that you just auditioned for, CONGRATS!
Now you are ready to do an amazing job and have the audience screaming 'Encore, Encore', but how do you go about it?

How do you add layers and depth to each character instead of just memorizing lines?


I will help you build a character with depth and watchability. 
During each 30 minute session, we will cover:
-Vocal Work
-BioMechanics of how to move as that character
-Character background & choices
-Emotional Work & More

*I'm more than happy to consult with the shows director to make sure your character is in line with their vision.

Audition Prep

Do you get nervous about auditions?

Or not really sure how to prepare so that you will nail it every time?


During each 30 minute session, we will cover:

-Vocal Work and Confidence

-How to move as character you're auditioning for

-Character choices options -How to overcome nerves and anxiety



*This is helpful for upcoming auditions & for college acceptance help

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