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Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Motherhood. The most rewarding fulfilling challenging role I have had the honor of in this earthly life...

One’s own mortality and sense of time is magnified when trying to grow two beautiful human beings like me, or one even, or however many anyone may be blessed with. My two sons have really been figuring out their passions lately, and this really inspired me to think about the way I am spending my time. How much time do I really have, and what should I really be doing? Many moons ago when I was a student at the University I took an art class. And I really enjoyed it, but I thought I should go into a profession where I would “find a good job” and “make a lot of money”. So I took the route that I thought would provide that. Granted, it has worked out ok, but it’s not my passion. And I felt like I can be doing something else as well. Now as an employee of my Alma Mater, it has come full circle, and the opportunity to take advantage to develop a possible skill of drawing/art/photography has opened up. So I signed up for a perspective drawing class. And it is great! So, for one of the assignments we had to draw in three point perspective, and on campus there is a beautiful bell tower with a clock. This got me thinking about time, and then what if there was a magic island with a collection of bell towers and clocks from around the world. Where time flies, time shines, time stands still, a place where you have time, buy time, etc. None of us are guaranteed time. We should love and value and appreciate our family and friends. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? But today, I am inspired by my sons and grateful for all they teach me!

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